Ritterturnier Kaltenberg 2010 

9.7.2010 - 25.7.2010, Kaltenberg

So, four weeks of performing at the grand event with thousands of visitors daily is behind us (first week was preparatory only). As always, Kaltenberg arena has offered us quite an amount of hard work but fun as well. This year has been dedicated to the first part of the Arthur and his knights trilogy.

Of course, it wouldn't be the same Kaltenberg if the weather was not harsh - nearly permanent rain replaced with extreme heat during one weekend was a test for any seasoned veteran and as most of the time we ran here and there across the sand or mud, our armours and costumes received their toll as well.

Kaltenberg has its motto "We can play under any weather" and the audience knew this quite well - rain or rain storm, macs or umbrellas were the solution to anything - no way for anyone to leave the auditorium!

Our members has survived any falls from ladders or similar stunt actions we had had in the main program and so we always raised our swords to honour the victory of king Arthur in the end!


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