Coronation 2006

12.08.2006 -

Coronation Festivities will be held again in Bratislava since 1st to 3rd September 2006.

Fourth coronation in a row will remind us of the November 19 1608 when archduke Mathias, brother of emperor Rudolf II received the St. Stephan's crown from the hands of Ostrihom archbishop.

Those were hard times.

While the other part of Europe lived through the peaceful times with pompous feasts taking places in royal residences, Slovakia became a border country between Christian cross and Turkish crescent moon for 15 years. Blood, sweet and tears borned heroes, which could be envied by many.

We sincerelly invite all of you for the Coronation, where we will remember the glory and misery of that age. Tostabur Espadrones is responsible for all fencing sceneries and heartily welcome eveyone to visit the program. The rough draft of the program is as follows:

  • 1st September 2006
    Coronation Mass K.-V. 317 C-Dur from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in ... of 250th anniversary of his birth and 215th jubilee of his death.
    Place: Coronation cathedral of St. Martin.

  • 2nd September 2006
    „Within the crescent moon shadow“
    Theatrical performance that offers an allegorical view of the period at the end of the 16th Century and beginning of the 17th Century - 15 years of war with Turks, religious unrests, anti-Habsburg uprising of Stefan Bocskay, but also bravery and courage of those days contemporaries.
    Place: Bratislava castle

  • 3th September 2006
    Authentic coronation ceremonial starts in the St. Martin's cathedral, where the king will be anointed with sacred oil and will receive the royal insignias from the the hands of Ostrihom archbishop. The ceremonial continues with the knighting of the knights of the Golden Spur Order in the Franciscan church and with the coronation oath. The last part of the ceremony is an oath to the homeland, taking place at the coronation hill.

  • Supportive activities:

    1. Presentation of the free royal cities and regions of Slovakia
    2. Stands with traditional and historical crafts
    3. Wine presentation from all viticultural regions in Slovakia
    4. Public feast
    5. Ox roasting
    6. Children knight tournament
    7. And many other attractions...


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