Kaltenberg Gauklernacht 

22.7.2010, Kaltenberg

First two weekends of this year's performing at "Ritterturnier" in Kaltenberg have been deeply touched by the extreme hot weather. That changed rapidly during the third one, where we participated not only in the main program in the arena, but also within „Gauklernacht“ –
„The Night of Jugglers“.

It is every year's part of the last week, when the whole Thursday's night belongs to jugglers, conjurors, musicians, gagsmen, dancers, actors... simply said, to each person that have something with fun and entertainment.

Tostabur Espadrones had performed twice that day - we presented our new program "Trials by ordeal", especialy prepared in German for this occasion. To completely inhale the atmosphere of medieval ages, heavy rain started to pour down right before our first performance. Luckily, the audience had mostly stayed in place, but our conditions for theatrical performance and fencing had been seriously obstructed.
The most intensive "experience" of the day was the traditional ceremonial parade between both performances, where the word "pouring rain" was a very simplifying term for the dam that fell from the heaven on us. We trudged the water from ankles up to knees in the end - a situation that was not very friendly to our costumes.

However, both performances went quite well and probably due to the rain, some duels had an unexpected and unrepeatable magic in them.

Prvý súd

Prvý súd

Pugil a duelant

Jednu stranu v súboji zastupuje pugil

Druhý súd

Druhý súd

Ženský súboj

Ženský súboj na mokrom javisku

Tretí súd

Tretí súd - žena proti mužovi

Štvrtý súd

Štvrtý súd - modlitba pred súbojom


Súboj na mokrej podlahe

Rytier a pugil

Rytier sa aj napriek svojej nevýhode nevzdáva


Sudca s napätím očakáva výsledok

Súboj na zemi

Posledné strety vyčerpaných duelantov sa...


Víťazom je znevýhodnený rytier


Záverečná poklona a hurá niekam do sucha