New members recruitment

05.09.2009 -

If you are interested into good-classed historical fencing, theatrical art, lot of fun and history through and through - Journemanship of Ancient Warrior Arts and Crafts (TOSTABUR ESPADRONES) offers a possibility to join its ranks - the recruitment will take place on 28th September, 2010.


Where: Elementary school Grosslingova (nearby Bus station Mlynske Nivy)

When: 29.9.2009 at 7:30 p.m.


Take your sporting outfit with you as we will sport a bit.


The interested persons should be at least 16 years old as historical fencing requires active participation on trainings and performances taking place up to the late night (many times outside Bratislava).

How you can get there? Use the map:



Mapa Grosslingova