Menzúra 2018 (11. ročník)

04.10.2018 -

Honourable ladies and gentlemen,
friendlies and folks!

It is again that time, eleventh already, when there is a need to send calls for the Menzura happening – an all-time slashing-cleaving, feasting and body merry time, and so we heartily write this invitation yet one more time.

On November 17, 2018 A.D. we meet and greet in good manner in Chlebika's and Koza's mannor in Velky Grob 104.

Don’t forget to bring the right cloth, you know which one - that from our period between years 1800 and 1920, so you will both shine and smile bright. We shall see who is who clearly as you will present yourself - bright ladies, comely gentlemen soldiers or jesters of various kind - but remember, all weapons have to be left home as the only weapons allowed are those used in Menzura.

Everything else is to found in the package here, where everything always is.

We are anxious to see your heartly participation
and our gentlemen kiss ladies’ hands already in advance.

All us from TOSTABUR
Your faithful servants