Last Knights at Devin Castle this year

18.08.2019 -

Knights will visit the Devín castle for the LAST TIME this year. Contrary to our tradition, it will be the last Saturday of August, the 31st – where we’ll visit our region in the period of Ottoman-Hungarian wars.
A varied programme is guaranteed, so come and spend a nice day with us!

Zrážka rytierov v rytierskom klaní

  • 10,00 – opening of the Devín castle
  • 11,00 – opening ceremony full of fencing and displays of skill of the elite of the Ottoman Classical Army – the feared Janissaries
  • 12,00 – “Heroes of the Ottoman-Hungarian wars” – an emotive but action-packed recollection picturing the historical events that formed the fate of our country, as well as a commemoration of figures that should not fade into obscurity
  • 13,00 – oriental dance
  • 14,00 – “My Papa” – when a man changes his conviction faster than his coat
  • 15,00 – “About The Terribly Beautiful Princess” – a puppet theatre for children
  • 16,00 – Knights‘ Tournament of the Kingdom of Hungary – which includes not only tests of skill between the Hungarian knights, but also a confrontation of their abilities with visitors from the Ottoman Empire
  • 17,15 – a recital of Rennaissance, Hungarian and Turkish music and poetry
  • 18,30 – closing ceremony – fencing performance
  • 19,00 – closing of the castle gates

Admission fee: basic – 8€, reduced – 4€, family – 15€

The admision fee, as well as the wares sold and made by the artisans can only be paid in cash. We would also like to make you aware that entry with a dog to the national cultural heritage site of Devin castle is not permitted.