Kaltenberg 2005

01.09.2005 -

"Knights tournament in Kaltenberg."

The largest historical festival in Germany takes place annually in the german town Kaltenberg. It is held for three prolonged weekends in July. Its main part is a big show in the arena, with nearly non-stop concomitant performances of various groups, historical market, evening concerts and fireworks. The attendance during all three weekends numbers around 120.000 visitors.


Tostabur Espadrones is one of the groups that was at the very start of this big show years ago and our participation also helped to its popularity. Several years passed and Espadrones returned on the scene, charging the battlefield with several fellow fencing comrades and dancing group Saltarello.


Tostabur was charged with a difficult role to perform three times per day plus to participate on the main program in the arena. Nevertheless, we have made it brilliantly and for that we received the personal compliment of none less than the bavarian prince Luitpold.



Kaltenberské kolbište