Menzura 2012 (5th annual)

20.10.2012 -

Dekoračné - 2 mečeEsteemed ladies and lords,
amiable comrades and supporters!


As it happened that time is already fifth time 'ere and announces tha' great event Menzura, so-said common cutting and self-cutting, moreover accompanied with whatever other body festivities and good things thy might think, we would really like to heartly invite all of thou there! The 20 October anno 2012 P.C.N. we'll meet as the good habbit have it in the Velky Grob 104 at Kozow-Chlebikow estate.


Don't thou forget appropriate cloth with themselves, fitting into the years 1800 and 1920, and be as shiny person as thou could be, holding your head high. Folk-based people could use folk costume, while soldier blooded ones are supposed to wear uniforms - weapons should stay at home's door of course - the only ones allowed are those used in Menzura combats.


Everything else could be read in the package with the invitation or in that place where everything could always be found.


We really like to see thou all,

our gentlemen kisses your ladies' hands in this way in this regard.


All ourselves of TOSTABUR

At your service as always