Knights' Tournament 

Knights' Tournament

Knights' Tournament

The tournament could be performed in various types - Gothic, Renaissance, Barok or combination of christians and saracens, depending on the client's request. The program has a fixed scenario.


The program introduction and its first part:

The knights and their retinues of bannermen, pages, squires, equerries and ladies are arriving on the tourney ground and prepare themselves. The whole event is commented by the court jester. The most brave girl is chosen from the audience - this will be tournament's princess, knights competing for her favour in the various disciplines:

  • to catch the circles in a full gallop
  • to cleave enemy "heads" in a full gallop
  • to hit a target while jumping over an obstacle
  • to hit target with javelin while in a full gallop

Each discipline has its own winner, depending on the skills of the knight. A winner of the whole tournament is announced at the end of this part and the princess will decorate him with a crest made of ostrich feathers.


Second part:

The program continues with a knights' foot combats, where knights present their ability to wield sword, club or other knights' weapons.


Third part:

In the next part the knights' challenge each other to a "true fight" and clash with each other in jousting, eliminating themselves in the process.


The last part:

The winning knight is decorated by the princess, receiving golden sword belt and having his banner adorned with decorative ribbon. The program ends with a final ceremonial parade of all performers.

Special requirements:1. plain place with soft ground (grass, small pieces of wood, soft clay etc.) for the competition, with the width of 15m and length of 40m.
2. Access to the water.
3. Access to the electricity (220 V) to connect the sound equipment or provision of the own sound equipment.
4. Parking place for cars, trail cars and horse carts.

Duration:40 minutes